more butts

2014-08-15 23:14:18 by NobodiAnimation

Yeah. More of them.

Check out my most recent video, it's called the Tooth Specialist.















Also, I have a Vimeo now, so go check out non-animation films I've made by following the link in my social links.

Welcome to the Madness

2013-11-11 17:59:57 by NobodiAnimation

So, this weekend I realized I wasn't doing so well with just my YouTube channel, and I needed a few more places where I could post things, specifically if the content of such post is mature content.

And so that's the story of how I joined Newgrounds.
Welcome to the madness.

I'd like to welcome the masses with a few animations, specifically Butt Dial, so go check those out on my profile.

Welcome to the Madness